Requirement for excellence

Since three centuries, Geneva is the capital of fine watchmaking. The city has still the privilege to host many craftsmen who possess rare and precious know-how.

In creating his first limited series of ten pieces, he delved into Geneva’s horological tradition. He imagined a classically styled watch that evoked the rich history of human creation throughout the ages, drawing his inspiration from one of the earliest pictorial techniques – the art of mosaics. Thanks to the involvement of some of the finest contemporary artisans, including Les Boitiers-Genève SA – specialists who are known for their precious and complex cases - and Les Cadraniers de Genève, who work magic with watch faces, his vision gradually took shape in the form of a rare and exclusive object.

In his search for excellence he joined forces with his friend, watchmaker François-Paul Journe, who brought his renowned horological mastery to the Mosaïque de Barbier-Mueller Collection, with an original mechanical movement manufactured entirely in Geneva. A guarantee of quality and longevity for these watches, which will be offered in a handful of FPJourne –Invenit&Fecit boutiques. 

Creating a way to measure time, while giving it dimension...

An exceptional watch piece is much more than a simple object, it is a true love story. It's the story of a craft, of a cultural know-how, a way of sharing a concept of : making a one-of-the-kind work!

The material is alive and the numerous human interventions will shape this exceptional piece which soon, will be possess by the future collector-owner. This refine watch will keep forever in her most intimate nooks, the memory of the infinite hours shared with each and every craftsmen who have bequeathed to her some of their precious heritage.


Complicity between the founder and the artisans

Each in their turn,  are sharing their valuable contribution to the development of this 2017/2018 cuvee - the limited edition MOSAïQUE.